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Women's Health


We have recently added two female providers to AFHC...Dr. Amanda Ensz and Lindsey Adams, PA-C! Dr. Amanda has a particular interest in Women's Health.  She is trained in all the cancer screening guidelines and focuses on the overall health and wellness of all women. Lindsey Adams, PA-C also shares a passion for preventative medicine and women's health.  Of course, all of our providers are trained and willing to see women for their healthcare needs as well.  


Women's Health includes not only breast and gynecologic cancer screening, but also:

  1. Cardiovascular Health
  2. Colorectal Health
  3. Osteoporosis/Bone Health
  4. Substance Abuse
  5. Depression and Abuse
  6. Immunization Guidelines
  7. Fitness and Obesity


It is also important to include periodic health test screening such as laboratory testing for cholesterol, anemia, diabetes, heart, thyroid disease, and colorectal cancer.  


Please call our office if you are due for your annual healthcare maintenance exam!


An excellent website for women's health is iVillage.com